Membership and Member Services Committee


The Membership and Member Services Committee develops programs to promote membership in the Institute, monitors needs and concerns of the members, identify activities to increase current members' satisfaction, and oversees all member activities other than meetings, publications, subdivisions, and awards.

2018 Membership

Pelin Pekgun, Chair, 1/18-12/20
David R Morrison, 1/16 - 12/18
Olga Raskina, 1/16 - 12/18
Banafsheh Behzad, 1/17 - 12/19
Ashley Douglass, 1/18 - 12/20
Kelly Bartlett, 1/18 - 12/19
Mariel Lavieri, 1/18-12/19
Tolga Aydinliyim, 1/18-12/20

Staff Liaison: Director, Membership and Communities (Scharan Johnson)

Board Liaison: V/P Membership & Professional Recognition (Susan Martonosi)

For further information on this committee, please see Section 11 of the Policy & Procedures Manual.