INFORMS Sections

Sections are technical interest groups devoted to advancing the professional interests of members in specialized and technical aspects of our profession. 

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Strategy Science

The Strategy Science Section is devoted to supporting a community of researchers within INFORMS with an interest in questions of business strategy. The intent is to offer a “big tent” that accommodates scholars across a variety of methodological and theoretical approaches, but who all share a concern with enhancing our understanding of key questions in the strategy field.

Technology, Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship

Technology, Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship

The purpose of the Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Section is to encourage discussion and interaction among individuals having an interest in technology management research. Topics of interest to the TIMES audience include R&D Management, Technology and Organizational Change, Technology and Strategy, Technology and Resources, Product Development, and Entrepreneurship.


Telecommunications and Network Analytics

A forum in which researchers exchange experiences and ideas for innovative network planning, operation and management. From a methodological perspective, research reported by the membership uses a variety of optimization, simulation and stochastic models.