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Scharan Johnson, Director
General department matters and Subdivisions Council

Welcome Officers!

Welcome to the Subdivision Leadership Resource Center. Whether you’re a new student chapter president or a veteran society secretary, a forum event coordinator or a section council representative, a chapter member planning to run for an officer position, or anything in between – we have information here for you.


  • The second annual INFORMS Student Leadership Conference was held in Baltimore, MD April 13-14 2018 that was all about building your skills and your network. We provided partial travel funding to all attendees along with hotel and food being covered. All student leaders came ready to learn, meet fellow student chapter officers, and had fun! To see pictures from the event please click here!  Also to see a fun recap search the hashtag #informsleaders18 on Twitter!  Please visit the Conference Website for more information: Website link

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Subdivisions Council

The Subdivisions Council is charged with establishing effective communication between the subdivisions and the INFORMS Board. Council members are selected by subdivisions members. The Chapters/Fora Committee provides support to the VP Chapters/Fora and the Sections/Societies Committee provides support to the VP Sections/Societies.

Subdivisions Council volunteers are a vital part of achieving our goals and making a difference. In the past the council has played a large part in many accomplishments within INFORMS. Some of these accomplishments include:

1) Chartering new Student Chapters
2) Creating and approving of new Sections, Societies, and Regional Chapters
3) Creating a Diversity Initiative within INFORMS
4) Promoting the creation of Ethics Guidelines
5) Creating and making permanent a subdivision as a member benefit

Visit the Subdivisions Council page.