Nonlinear Programming Software Survey

The information in this survey was provided by the vendors in response to a questionnaire developed by Stephen Nash. The survey should not be considered as comprehensive, but rather as a representation of available NLP packages. The listings are limited to products that fit the parameters of the survey as outlined in the accompanying article.

Questionnaires were sent to 45 vendors drawn from previous survey participants, the OR/MS Today database and other sources. It includes the products of those vendors who responded by March 31. If you know of an NLP package that is not in the survey, please contact Patton McGinley at (770) 431-0867, ext. 214 or e-mail them to It will be included in an online version.

NOTE: Y indicates a positive response, N indicates either a negative response and "—" indicates no response.

The survey is divided into 8 separate pages. Following is an index of the pages and the information they contain:

Page 1
Operating Systems
Size of Problem Solvable by this System:
Smallest Version:
Rows, Columns, Non-zeros, Hardware required

Page 2
Size of Problem Solvable by this System:
Largest Version:
Rows, Columns, Non-zeros, Hardware required

Page 3
Pricing Information:
Smallest Version, Largest Version, Educational Version, Site License Version

Page 4
Input Formats (e.g., MPS plus extensions, modeling language, via subroutines, etc.)
Modeling Language Linkage (Any modeling language that incorporates this program)

Page 5
Large Problems
Linear Constraints and Bounds

Page 6
Object or Source Code
Derivative Calculation Requirements

Page 7
Derivative Calculation Tools
Other Techniques

Page 8

The survey appeared in the June 1998 issue of OR/MS Today along with a directory of vendor contact information. To order a copy of this issue, contact Customer Service at 770-431-0867, ext. 224 or send e-mail to: