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1998 Nonlinear Programming Software Survey 
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Product Publisher Comments
AIMMS Paragon Decision Technology B.V. AIMMS is an integrated modeling tool for the specification of Decision Support Systems built upon the use of large scale optimization models.
CONOPT ARKI Consulting & Development A/S CONOPT is designed for large and fairly nonlinear models. Use with a modeling language is highly recommended.
CONOPT for AMPL Compass Modeling Solutions CONOPT is especially well-suited for highly nonlinear constrained problems.
DFNLP K. Schittkowski Smallest version requires NLPQL; Easy-to-use environment (EASY-FIT) available for parameter estimation in dynamical systems (ODE's, DAE's, PED's, PDAE's)
DOC/DOT Vanderplants R&D Inc. GUI available mid-'98
FANPAC/NLP Aptech Systems Inc.
GRG2 Optimal Methods Inc. GRG2 is used in the Microsoft Excel Solver to solve nonlinear problems.
GRG2 for AMPL and AMPL Plus Compass Modeling Solutions GRG2 is a small-scale mixed-integer nonlinear solver for AMPL. Compass Modeling Solutions is a distributor for this solver, which is developed and maintained by Frontline Systems Inc.
IMSL Libraries Visual Numetrics IMSL Libraries have been used for over 25 years worldwide for solving complex mathematical and statistical problems.
INTPT Optimal Methods Inc. INTPT can utilize analytic second derivative information to achieve high speed and accuracy.
LGO, for Continuous Global Optimization Pinter Consulting Services Interactive and automatic usage of LGO are both supported; demo executables available.
LINGO LINDO Systems Inc. LINGO's linear, nonlinear and integer solvers & interactive modeling enironment make it a comprehensive tool for OR professionals. The modeling language & math. functions allow quick, concise problem expression. Data can be stored separately in text
LSGRG for AMPL and AMPL Plus Compass Modeling Solutions LSGRG provides the ability to solve nonlinear models with integer variables. Compass Modeling Systems is a distributor for this solver, which is developed and maintained by Frontline Systems Inc.
LSGRG2 Optimal Methods Inc. LSGRG2 is a sparsity-exploiting version of GRG2 with improved performance.
LSSOL Stanford Business Software LSSOL is designed for dense LP and QP problems with up to several hundred constraints and variables. It is effective for constrained least square problems and for use within an SQP algorithm for NLP. It is a key part of NPSOL; part of NAG library.
Mathcad MathSoft Inc. Mathcad is the new version of the best-selling Windows tool for performing, documenting and sharing technical calculations centered on the use of standard mathematical notation. Mathcad's integrated numeric solver includes nonlinear, linear and qua
Microsoft Excel 97 - Solver Microsoft Corporation The most widely distributed nonlinear optimization software, bundled with 35 million copies of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office. Developed for Microsoft by Frontline Systems.
MINOS for AMPL Compass Modeling Solutions MINOS is the leading general-purpose (linear and nonlinear) solver in research and industry. Using a variety of adaptive algorithms, MANOS can robustly solve problems with thousands of nonlinear constraints.
MINOS 5.5 Stanford Business Software MINOS can accomodate problems with many thousands of constraints and variables.
NAG C Library Numerical Algorithms Group A reusable mathematical/statistical subroutine library containing highly efficient, user-callable numerical subroutines written in C. Especially strong in optimization, differential equations, quadrature, curve and surface fitting, regression, more
NAG Fortran Library Numerical Algorithms Group The NAG Fortran Library is a comprehensive collection of mathematical and statistical subroutines available for NT, Win, Dos and Linux. It contains over 1,200 user callable, documented routines for the rapid development of custom applications.
NLPQL K. Schittkowski The code is in use in hundreds of applications worldwide since 15 years.
NPSOL 5.0 Stanford Business Software NPSOL is extremely reliable code for general NLP with up to several hundred constrints or variables. It is part of the NAG library.
Optimal Engineer� Transpower Corporation General purpose nonlinear optimization package. Handles real, integer, mixed problems. Optimizes external programs as well as internal functions. Can use extended memory. Includes full screen editing, help screens, report generator, tutorial
Premium Solver Platform for Excel Frontline Systems Inc. Upward compatible with the standard Excel Solver, which Frontline Systems developed for Microsoft, the Premium Solver Platform brings large-scale nonlinear optimization and aids for global optimization to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
Premium Solver, Premium Solver Plus for Excel Frontline Systems Inc. Frontline Systems developed the solvers bundled with Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, and Quattro Pro. The Premium Solver products are upward compatible versions of the Excel Solver, with many more features, greater capacity and speed.
SAS Software SAS Institute Inc. Along with several techniques for general nonlinear optimization with boundary, general linear, and nonlinear constraints, two algorithms are designed for quadratic optimization problems and two other algorithms address nonlinear least-squares proble
SCIENTIST for Windows MicroMath Research MicroMath's software is a fully functional application program for the modelling of small systems.
SLP/GRG Optimal Methods Inc. Current version uses IBM OSL LP system. Capable of solving very large problems.
SOCS and NLPSPR Boeing Co.
Solver DLL V3.0, Solver DLL Plus Frontline Systems Inc. The first nonlinear optimizer with high-level support for Visual Basic, plus support for other languages. Linear, quadratic and fast integer linear optimizers are available as options in the same package. Economical licensing terms available.
Solver for Lotus 1-2-3 97/98 Frontline Systems Inc. New, 32-bit version of Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet, includes nonlinear, linear and integer programming features based on the same technology as the Excel Solver. A trial version, good for 100 solves is distributed free with Lotus 1-2-3.
SOPT-CP SAITECH Inc. With AMPL, users can express directly nonlinear functions for both objective and constraints, and solve the problem with an incredible speed.
SQP Optimal Methods Inc. SQP often requires 1/3 to 1/4 the function calls of a GRG algorithm on nonlinear constrained problems.
What's Best! LINDO Systems Inc. What's Best! lets you build linear, nonlinear and integer models in your favorite spreadsheet. Models are easy to build & understand using standard spreadsheet equations. Powerful enough to handle your toughest models & ideal for providing models
XPRESS Barrier QP Solver Dash Associates Ltd. Exploits matrix sparsity, parallel version available
X Solver 2.0 Exatech Corporation

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