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Supply Chain Management Software Survey
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  Product ERP Software Specifications
Does Your Company Sell ERP Software? Is Your Software Compatible with Other ERP Software? Which ERP Software is it Compatible with? Does the Software Allow Customization?
1 Demand Solutions   x SAP, Peoplesoft, Baan, Mapics, BPCS, ROI Systems, ManMan, Lawson, Data3, Friedman, Macola, JD Edwards, Micro MRP, TECSYS, Forth Shift, Frontstep, MFGPro, Dataworks and Marcam Prism. Interfaces have been created for home grown" and legacy systems as well" x
2 e by Epicor x     x
3 e-SCOR   x Any ERP software that supports ODBC, Oracle databases, messaging, remote procedure calls, or Java RMI. This includes SAP. x
4 eXegeSys Supply Chain Management x   eXegeSys Resource Planning x
5 FINeCHAIN   x Have interfaced with over 40 different ERP systems including homegrown" systems." x
6 ForecastX™ Product Family   x SAP, BPCS, AS400, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Great Plains eEnterprise and most others x
7 HAHT Commerce Suite (modules)   x SAP, J.D. Edwards, Oracle, QAD, BPICS x
8 i2 Supply Chain Management   x SAP, Oracle, People-Soft, Baan, J. D. Edwards, QAD x
9 IFS Applications x x Any x
10 IIT eRoute Logistics   x Various x
11 IIT Facility Location Modeler   x Various x
12 J.D. Edwards 5 x x   x
13 Logility Voyager Solutions x x Open systems are compatible with all ERP systems x
14 Made2Manage Supply Chain Management x     x
15 Multistage Inventory Planning & Optimization   x Most major ERP systems x
16 Nistevo Collaborative Logistics Network   x All major ERP solutions  
17 OMP Supply Chain Suite   x All major ERP packages x
18 Picaso™   x Certified SAP interface, Advanced Real-time JD Edwards, open interface architecture to legacy or non-standard ERP x
19 Prescient 5   x Any  
20 SAILS x x Any x
21 SeeChain™ product suite   x SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, JD Edwards x
22 Supply Chain Advantage   x Mapics, PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle x
23 Supply Chain Direct x x INFO.NET x
24 Supply Chain Solutions   x Various x
25 SupplyWorks MAX   x SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Legacy x
26 Syncra Xt   x SAP, Manugistics, i2, many others  
27 Synergen Series™   x Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Lawson, etc. x
28 SYSPRO 6.0 x     x
29 Value Chain Management   x Certified SAP interface, open interface architecture to legacy or non-standard ERP x
30 Velocity®   x Any x

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