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Supply Chain Management Software Survey
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  Product Industry Specifications Target Company Size
Industry Specific? Which Industry(ies)? Small 
(less than 500 employees)
(500-1,000 employees)
(over 1,000 employees)
1 Demand Solutions x All x x x
2 e by Epicor x Software and technology, financial services, enterprise services, hospitality and entertainment, and non-profit organizations x x x
3 e-SCOR       x x
4 eXegeSys Supply Chain Management x Manufacturing x x x
5 FINeCHAIN x Pharmaceutical/biotech, food & beverage, consumer packaged goods (CPG), petro/chemicals/plastics, automotive aftermarket service parts, distribution/wholesale, pulp/paper/packaging, primary/fabricated metal, and aerospace/defense   x x
6 ForecastX™ Product Family     x x x
7 HAHT Commerce Suite (modules) x Chemicals, consumer products, and discrete manufacturing   x x
8 i2 Supply Chain Management x Automotive, consumer electronics and consumer durables, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical and process, high technology: computer, semiconductor, electronics and telecom OEM, industrial, metals, paper, retail, service management, softgoods, etc.   x x
9 IFS Applications x Industrial manufacturing, high tech manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, process industries, aviation rail & defense MRO, utilities & telecom, service &facilities management x x x
10 IIT eRoute Logistics         x
11 IIT Facility Location Modeler         x
12 J.D. Edwards 5 x Industrial manufacturing & distribution, wholesale distribution, consumer packaged goods, and life sciences vertical industries x x x
13 Logility Voyager Solutions     x x x
14 Made2Manage Supply Chain Management     x    
15 Multistage Inventory Planning & Optimization         x
16 Nistevo Collaborative Logistics Network       x x
17 OMP Supply Chain Suite x Corrugated and solid board, paper, metals, plastics, rubber, textiles, food & beverage, animal feed, chemicals, starch, pharmaceuticals, etc. x x x
18 Picaso™ x Chemicals   x x
19 Prescient 5 x Consumer products x x x
20 SAILS x Chemical, pharmaceutical, CPG, petroleum, parts, high tech, beverage, food, third party logistics companies   x x
21 SeeChain™ product suite x       x
22 Supply Chain Advantage x Retail, 3PL, consumer goods, hi-tech, plastics, wholesale distribution   x x
23 Supply Chain Direct     x x  
24 Supply Chain Solutions         x
25 SupplyWorks MAX x Manufacturing: automotive, industrial, high-tech, machinery and heavy equipment, medical devices   x x
26 Syncra Xt         x
27 Synergen Series™       x  
28 SYSPRO 6.0     x x x
29 Value Chain Management x Chemicals, petrochemicals, refining   x x
30 Velocity® x Retail and CPG x x x

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