S. Raghavan

S. Raghavan

Past Awards

Prize for the Teaching of the OR/MS Practice: Winner(s)
2016 - Winner(s)

INFORMS Computing Society Prize: First Place
Winning material: Fair Payments for Efficient Allocations in Public Sector Combinatorial Auctions

INFORMS Computing Society Prize: First Place

For their papers:

  • "A Genetic Algorithm-Based Approach for Building Accurate Decision Trees"
  • "Genetically Engineered Decision Trees: Population Diversity Produces Smarter Trees"
  • "Diversification for Better Classification Tree"
Daniel H. Wagner Prize for Excellence in the Practice of Advanced Analytics and Operations Research: Finalist
Winning material: Budget Allocation at Catholic Relief Services

Junior Faculty Forum Paper Competition: Second Place
Winning material: Long-Distance Access Network Design

George B. Dantzig Dissertation Award: First Place
Winning material: Formulations and Algorithms for Network Design Problems with Connectivity Requirements