Volunteer Service Award

2016 - Awardee(s)

2016 Awardee(s)

Purpose of the Award

2017 Committee Chair

Lauren Davis, Ph.D.
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
North Carolina A&T State University
1601 East Market Street
404 McNair Hall
Greensboro, NC 27411
voice: (336) 285-3724

The Volunteer Service Award is awarded to recognize exceptional volunteer service to INFORMS.

The award winners will be publicized on the INFORMS website, a dedicated Volunteer Service Award page, OR/MS Today, Enews, Social Media and other media vehicles. Three levels of awards will be distributed: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Application Process

Nomination forms and Volunteer History Data (July 1st of the previous year through June 30th of the current year) will be submitted to the Selection Committee via email by INFORMS staff. Nomination form will provide the following: type of service(s), time commitment of service, and short description (200 words or less) of impact/value of service.

Past Awardees

2016 Awardee(s)
Wedad Elmaghraby, University of Maryland, RH Smith School of Business Don N. Kleinmuntz, Strata Decision Technology, LLC Dionne Aleman, University of Toronto Terry P. Harrison, CAP, Penn State University Anna Nagurney, University of Massachusetts - Amherst, Isenberg School of Management Carri W. Chan, Columbia University Aurélie Thiele, Southern Methodist University Peter C. Bell, University of Western Ontario, Richard Ivey School of Business İ. Esra Büyüktahtakın Simge Kucukyavuz, Ohio State University Daniel Reich, Ford Motor Company Karen T. Hicklin Stefan E. Karisch Theodore T. Allen Douglas A. Samuelson, InfoLogix Gino J. Lim Ranganath S. Nuggehalli, CAP Deepak Agrawal Doug M. Matty Aaron Burciaga, CAP