Data Mining Best Applied Paper

2022 Winner(s)

Winning material: Non-stationary spatio-temporal point process modeling for high-resolution COVID-19 data

Purpose of the Award

The Data Mining (DM) Society of INFORMS announces the DM Best Paper Competition to recognize excellence among its members. The objective of the best paper competition is to recognize excellence among the high-quality research works of DM society members, and brings prestige to DM Society as well as to the recipients.

Application process:

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Past Awardees

2022 Winner(s)
Zheng Dong, Georgia Institute of Technology Shixiang Zhu, Georgia Tech University
Yao Xie, Georgia Tech University
Jorge Mateu
2022 Finalist
Min Gu Kwak, Georgia Institute of Technology Yi Su Kewei Chen David Weidman Teresa Wu, Arizona State University
Fleming Lure Jing Li
George H. Chen, Carnegie Mellon University
Desheng Ma, Cornell University Shawn Mankad
Jingwei Zhang, University of California, Los Angeles Sheng Liu Auyon Saddiq
2021 Winner(s)
Guanzhou Wei, University of Arkansas Venkat Krishnan Manajit Sengupta Yu Xie Haitao Liao, Rutgers University Xiao Liu
2021 Runner-Up
Shenghan Guo , Rutgers University
Dali Wang Jian Chen Zhili Feng Weihong Guo, University of Michigan
2020 Winner(s)
Kai Wang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alexandre Jacquillat, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2020 Finalist
Shixiang Zhu, Georgia Tech University
Yao Xie, Georgia Tech University
Lujia Wang, Georgia Tech University
Todd J. Schwedt, Mayo Clinic
Catherine D. Chong, Mayo Clinic
Teresa Wu, Arizona State University
Jing Li, Georgia Tech University
2018 Winner(s)
Salar Fattahi, University of California, Berkeley
Will Ma, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Angela Zhou, Cornell University
2018 Finalist
Velibor Misic, University of California Los Angeles
Long Zhao, University of Texas, Austin