J. Steinhardt Prize

2023 Winner(s)

Purpose of the Award

The J. Steinhardt Prize is sponsored by the CNA Corporation. The prize is awarded for outstanding contributions to Military Operations Research and is awarded for life work rather than for any particular contribution. The selection Committee is composed of previous award winners. The award is accompanied by a plaque and a $2,000 honorarium.

Application Process

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About the Award/Namesake

J. Steinhardt Prize

A founding member of the Operations Research Society of America, Jacinto (Jay) Steinhardt served on the original Council and Publications Committee of the Society in 1952-53. He was elected Vice President of ORSA the following year and acceded to the Presidency in the Society's third year. He contributed greatly over the years to the operations research community through his work in military OR and his thoughts on the philosophy of the discipline...

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Past Awardees

2023 Winner(s)
Virginia "Robbin" Beall, Navy Civilian (Retired)
2022 Winner(s)
Raymond R Hill, Air Force Institute of Technology
2021 Winner(s)
Dr. Edward A. Pohl, University of Arkansas
2020 Winner(s)
Gregory S. Parnell
2019 Winner(s)
Jeffrey E. Kline, Naval Postgraduate School
2018 Winner(s)
Marlin Thomas, University of Michigan
2017 Winner(s)
Richard Deckro, Air Force Institute of Technology
2016 Awardee(s)
Gerald G. Brown
2015 Awardee(s)
Keith Womer
2013 Awardee(s)
Dean S. Hartley III
2009 Awardee(s)
Alan R. Washburn, Naval Postgraduate School Wayne P. Hughes Jr.
2007 Awardee(s)
Dave Maddox Dave Schrady Lawrence D. Stone, Metron Incorporated
2003 Awardee(s)
Peter Cherry
2002 Awardee(s)
Jerry Bracken
2000 Awardee(s)
Jack R. Borsting, University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business
1999 Awardee(s)
Seth Bonder, The Bonder Group Hugh J. Miser Thomas E. Caywood
1998 Awardee(s)
Glenn A. Kent
1996 Awardee(s)
Saul I. Gass, University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business
1994 Awardee(s)
Clayton J. Thomas, ACS Studies
1987 Awardee(s)
Charles J. Hitch
1986 Awardee(s)
Joseph H. Engel