New Jersey Chapter Student Contest

2014 - Winner(s)

2014 Winner(s)

Winning material: Generating Multi-row Simplex Cuts on Higher Dimension Spaces

Purpose of the Award

The purposes of this contest are to recognize the work being done by New Jersey students, and for the New Jersey Chapter of INFORMS to help sponsor attendance for a student at the Annual INFORMS meeting. If the first place winner is unable to attend the Annual Meeting, the NJ Chapter reserves the right to select an alternative from one of the Honorable Mention winners to receive the cash prize. The cash awards can only be used to cover expenses for the Annual Meeting.

The New Jersey Chapter of INFORMS is sponsoring a contest on the best operations research work by a full-time student who is either (1) a New Jersey resident, or (2) enrolled in a New Jersey college or university.  

Past Awardees

2014 Winner(s)
Emre Yamangil, Rutgers University
2014 Honorable Mention
Wesley Cowan, Rutgers University
Ethan Fang, Princeton Han Liu, Princeton
Raza Rafique, Rutgers University Kwon Gi Mun, Rutgers University
2013 Winner(s)
Laurens Smit, Rutgers University and University of Leiden
2012 Winner(s)
Niloufar Mirhosseini, Rutgers University
2011 Winner(s)
Jamol Pender, Princeton University
2010 Winner(s)
Zhe Liang, Rutgers University
2009 Winner(s)
Noam Goldberg , Rutgers University