Optimization Society Student Paper Prize

Nomination deadline: June 15, 2017

2016 - Winner(s)

2016 Winner(s)

Winning material: “LP Formulations for Mixed-Integer Polynomial Optimization Problems”

Gonzalo Muñoz (Columbia University) is selected as the winner of the 2016 INFORMS Optimization Society Student Paper Prize for his paper with Daniel Bienstock, "LP Formulations for Mixed-Integer Polynomial Optimization Problems”.

This paper considers the construction of linear programming (LP) approximations of mixed-integer polynomial optimization problems that exploit the sparsity structure of the constraints, where sparsity is measured by tree-width of an associated graph. A key contribution of the paper is the introduction of a broad class of problems, termed network mixed-integer polynomial optimization problems (NPO’s), and the construction of LP approximations of such problems whose size depends on the underlying graph in  the problem (as opposed to the intersection graph derived from a particular formulation). This NPO class of problems includes important applied problems that have been extensively studied in recent literature, including mixed-integer non-convex optimization models associated with AC optimal flow and gas transmission networks. In addition to providing directly usable LP formulations for instances that are suitably sparse (i.e., having low tree-width in the associated graph), the paper provides insight into how the sparsity structure impacts the complexity of (approximately) solving such problems.

Honorable Mention

Hamza Fawzi (MIT), for his paper with Pablo A. Parrilo, "Self-scaled bounds for atomic cone ranks: applications to nonnegative rank and cp-rank".

Selection committee

Jim Luedtke (chair), Güzin Bayraksan, Shiqian Ma, Mohit Tawarmalani

2016 Chair Jim Luedtke awards the Student Paper Prize to Gonzalo Munoz.

Purpose of the Award

2017 Prize Chair

Vineet Goyal
Columbia University

The INFORMS Optimization Society Student Paper Prize, established in 2006 and administered by the Optimization Society of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, is awarded annually at the INFORMS Annual Meeting to one (or more) students for the most outstanding paper in optimization that is submitted to and received, or published in a refereed professional journal no more than three years before the closing date of nomination. The nominee/applicant must be a student on the first of January of the year of application/nomination The prize serves as an esteemed recognition of promising students who are looking for an academic or industrial career.

The award includes a cash amount of USD $1,000 and a citation certificate. The award winners will be invited to give a fifteen minute presentation of the winning paper at the Optimization Society Business Meeting held during the INFORMS Annual Meeting in the year the award is made. It is expected that the winners will be responsible for the travel expenses to present the paper at the INFORMS meeting.

Application Process

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Past Awardees

2016 Winner(s)
Gonzalo Munoz, Columbia University
2016 Honorable Mention
Hamza Fawzi
2015 Winner(s)
Paul Grigas
2015 Honorable Mention
Ruoyu Sun, University of Minnesota
Shimrit Shtern, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
2014 Winner(s)
Damek Davis
2013 Winner(s)
Afonso S. Bandeira
2012 Winner(s)
Diego A. Morán R.
2011 Winner(s)
Daniel Dadush, Georgia Institute of Technology Santanu Dey, Purdue University Juan Pablo Vielma, University of Pittsburgh
2010 Winner(s)
Shiqian Ma, Columbia University
2009 Winner(s)
Dan Andrei Iancu, Operations Research Center, MIT