Best Cluster Paper Award

Winning material: Frustration-Based Promotions: A Field Experiment in Ride-Sharing

2018 Winner(s)

Winning material: High-Low Promotion Policies for Peak End Demand Models

Purpose of the Award

This award is a competitive award, started in 2013, which is based on the best papers submitted to the Section's sponsored cluster at the INFORMS Annual Meeting.

Application process:

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Past Awardees

Tamar Cohen-Hillel Georgia Perakis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Kiran Panchamgam
2018 Finalist
Adam Elmachtoub, Columbia Vishal Gupta, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Michael L. Hamilton
Jon M. Stauffer Aly Megahed, IBM Research Chelliah Sriskandarajah, University of Texas at Dallas Ahmed Nazeem
Jianfu Wang Ming Hu, University of Toronto
Saif Benjaafar, The University of Minnesota Jian-Ya Ding Guangwen Kong Terry Taylor , University of California - Berkeley
2018 Runner-Up
Selin Merdan, University of Michigan Christine Barnett , University of Michigan Brian T. Denton, University of Michigan  James E. Montie, University of Michigan David C. Miller , University of Michigan
2016 Winner(s)
Lennart Baardman Maxime C. Cohen Georgia Perakis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Kiran Panchamgam Danny Segev