Lifetime Professional Achievement Award

2022 Awardee(s)

Purpose of the Award

The Lifetime Professional Achievement Award (LPAA) of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) Simulation Society is the highest honor given by the Society. The purpose of this award is to recognize major contributions to the field of simulation that are sustained over a professional career, with the critical consideration being the total impact of those contributions on computer simulation.

Application Process

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Past Awardees

2022 Awardee(s)
Barry L. Nelson, Northwestern University
2021 Awardee(s)
Peter Glynn
2020 Awardee(s)
Pierre L'Ecuyer
2019 Awardee(s)
James R. Wilson, North Carolina State University
2018 Awardee(s)
James O. Henriksen
2017 Awardee(s)
Lee W. Schruben
2016 Awardee(s)
Russell C.H. Cheng, University of Southampton
2015 Awardee(s)
Bernard P. Zeigler
2014 Awardee(s)
Bruce Schmeiser, Purdue University
2011 Awardee(s)
Peter A.W. Lewis, Naval Postgraduate School
2010 Awardee(s)
Reuven Rubinstein, The William Davidson Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
2009 Awardee(s)
Averill M. Law
2007 Awardee(s)
Richard E. Nance, Orca Computer Incorporated
2006 Awardee(s)
No award given
2005 Awardee(s)
Jack Kleijnen, Tilburg University
2004 Awardee(s)
George Fishman, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
2003 Awardee(s)
No award given
2002 Awardee(s)
Robert G. Sargent, Syracuse University
2001 Awardee(s)
Tom Schriber, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
2000 Awardee(s)
No award given
1999 Awardee(s)
Alan B. Pritsker
1998 Awardee(s)
Julian Reitman