Best Dissertation Award

2018 First Place

Winning material: "Essays on Knowledge Sharing and an Opt-in Evaluation Process among Investment Professionals"

Purpose of the Award

Relevant dissertation topics in the domain of technology management may reflect, but are not limited to, research in science and engineering based organizations; industrial research and development (R&D) laboratories; research units in universities, teaching hospitals, etc.; organizational processes by which technically-oriented activities are integrated into other company goals; innovation processes, and the development of technological innovations for competitive markets. Dissertations may also focus on such topics as the characteristics and behavior of scientist, engineers, and other technical professionals; the flow of technical knowledge; the diffusion of innovations, technological forecasts and policies; and the behavior and management of project teams.

Application Process

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2017 Committee Chair:

Zhijian Cui     
IE Business School

Past Awardees

2018 First Place
Tristan Botelho, MIT, Sloan School of Management
2018 Second Place
Cédric Gutierrez Moreno, Bocconi University
2018 Third Place
Philipp Cornelius, Erasmus University
Konstantinos I. Stouras, University College Dublin
Lakshminarayana Nittala, University of Dayton
2017 First Place
Tugce Martagan, Eindhoven University of Technology
2017 Second Place
Tian Heong Chan
2016 First Place
Ersin Korpeoglu, Carnegie Mellon University
2016 Finalist
Joost Rietveld, City University, London
Haibo Liu, INSEAD
Daniel Armanios, Stanford University
2016 Runner-Up
Frank Nagle, Harvard Business School
2015 First Place
Alessio Cozzolino, Bocconi University
Department of Management and Technology
2015 Finalist
Hila Lifshitz-Assaf, Harvard Business School
Catherine Magelssen, Rutgers Business School
2015 Runner-Up
Russell James Funk, University of Michigan
Ross School of Business
2014 Runner-Up
Andrew G. Earle, University of Oregon
2013 First Place
Ayfer Ali, Harvard University
2013 Runner-Up
Phillip C. Anderson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2012 First Place
Zhijian Cui, INSEAD
2012 Runner-Up
Vivek Tandon, University of Michigan
2011 First Place
Claudio Wolter, Carnegie Mellon University
2011 Runner-Up
Jianxi Luo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2009 First Place
Brian Fifarek, Carnegie Mellon University
2009 Runner-Up
Philipp Tuertscher