INFORMS Fellows: Class of 2011


Kurt M. Anstreicher

Kurt M. Anstreicher
University of Iowa

For outstanding theoretical and computational research contributions in optimization as well as for leadership in, and editorial responsibilities for, the Mathematical Programming Society.

Cynthia Barnhart 2011

Cynthia Barnhart
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

For the development of novel integer programming models and solution techniques for a broad range of problems in air transportation.

David Bell 2011

David E. Bell
Harvard University

For theoretical and practical contributions to decision analysis, especially involving the relationships between individuals’ basic preferences and models of those preferences.

Oded Berman 2011

Oded Berman
University of Toronto

For fundamental contributions to location theory and operations management in services industries.

Izak Duenyas 2011

Izak Duenyas
The University of Michigan

For scholarly excellence in stochastic modeling of production, scheduling and inventory control systems and distinguished service to the INFORMS research community.

Eugene A. Feinberg 2011

Eugene A. Feinberg
State University of New York at Stony Brook

For his fundamental contributions to the theory and practice of operations research in the areas of Markov decision processes and dynamic programming.

Harvey J. Greenberg 2011

Harvey J. Greenberg
University of Colorado Denver (Emeritus)

For pioneering work in bridging and building the interface between operations research and the computer sciences in the mathematical, management and engineering sciences communities.

Avishai Mandelbaum 2011

Avishai Mandelbaum
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

For his contributions to performance analysis and control of stochastic systems, particularly fluid and diffusion approximations in heavy-traffic systems, and service engineering and queuing science applied to telephone call centers.

Robin O. Roundy 2011

Robin O. Roundy
Brigham Young University

For his path-breaking research in supply-chain optimization and teaching of OR/MS to students at all levels, and for his excellent service to and practice of OR/MS.

Christopher S. Tang 2011

Christopher S. Tang
UCLA Anderson School

For his many theoretical and practical contributions to supply chain and production management, and for outstanding professional service.