INFORMS Fellows: Class of 2016

Stephen P. Boyd
Stanford University 

For exceptional teaching and broad dissemination of convex optimization and outstanding research leading to innovative formulations and algorithms for problems across a wide array of disciplines.

Kevin Glazebrook
Lancaster University

For fundamental contributions to the theory and practice of operations research in the area of applied probability and for pioneering initiatives in doctoral education.

Peter J. Haas
IBM Research Division

For sustained and fundamental contributions to discrete-event simulation and interactive sampling-based analytics for massive data sets, as well as for significant service to the simulation community.

Jeff Linderoth
University of Wisconsin-Madison 

For fundamental contributions to research in computational mathematical programming, specifically for mixed-integer programming, global and stochastic optimization and grid computing, and for leadership in all aspects of computing within Operations Research.  

Sanjay Mehrotra
Northwestern University 

For contributions to continuous, discrete, and stochastic optimization methodology and their impact on OR technology implementation and application.

George J. Miller
Altarum Institute

For contributions to OR practice and models in military, environmental, emergency preparedness and health care areas with successful implementations and broad high-level impact to humankind and society.

Georgia Perakis
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

For exceptional research, spanning theory to practice with important contributions to variational inequalities, the price of anarchy, dynamic pricing and data analytics, and for her dedicated mentorship of a future generation of OR scholars.

Mauricio G. C. Resende, Inc. 

For major contributions to the development and application of metaheuristics for optimization problems, including the invention of the widely-used Greedy Randomized Adaptive Search Procedure (GRASP).

Ariela Sofer
George Mason University 

For her contributions to nonlinear optimization and especially its application to medical diagnosis and treatment, and to OR education; and for leadership in and service to INFORMS and to the profession.  

Tamás Terlaky
Lehigh University

For fundamental contributions to the theory, algorithms, computational methodology, and applications of optimization; for his exemplary mentorship and distinguished service to the INFORMS community.

Paolo Toth
University of Bologna 

For his outstanding methodological contribution to the field of combinatorial optimization and for the application of his knowledge to the solution of railway planning problems.  

Pascal Van Hentenryck
University of Michigan

For his scientific contributions to constraint programming, discrete optimization, global optimization, local search and stochastic optimization as well as his many contributions to the practice of operation research and the education of future practitioners.