INFORMS Fellows: Class of 2018

Andrew Armacost

U.S. Air Force Academy

For sustained contributions to the application of operations  research to military and transportation planning and for significant leadership in operations research education.


Vicki M. Bier

University of Wisconsin-Madison

For her intellectual leadership in decision and risk analysis and for her long-standing contributions to the INFORMS Decision Analysis Society.


Robert M. Freund

MIT Sloan School of Management

For sustained contributions to O.R. education and mathematical optimization


Garud Iyengar

Columbia University

For outstanding contributions to Operations Research education around the world and for service to the profession.

Milne_R John

R. John Milne

Clarkson University

For exceptional practice of operations research, extensive service to INFORMS, and outstanding research in planning, scheduling and supply chain management.


Jonathan H. Owen

General Motors

For his high-impact contributions in applied O.R. and advanced analytics practice, research and leadership at General Motors, and a sustained track record of service to the profession.


Kavita Ramanan

Brown University

For her fundamental contributions to the theory of stochastic networks and associated fluid and diffusion approximations, including Skorokhod problems and measure valued processes.


Ramesh Sharda

Oklahoma State University

For exemplary research and educational contributions in Decision Support Systems and Analytics at the Operations Research/Computer Science interface and for outstanding service to INFORMS, especially the INFORMS Computing Society.


Zuo-Jun (Max) Shen

University of California –  Berkley

For research contributions to supply chain management broadly and to inventory management and facility location specifically and to the education of exceptional graduate students.


Martin Shubik


For outstanding and fundamental operations research contributions to game theory (including cooperative and experimental games); defense analysis; and the theory of money and financial institutions.


Jayashankar M. Swaminathan

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

For pioneering research on novel operations management models and their implementation at commercial and non-profit organizations and leadership and service contributions to UNC Chapel Hill and INFORMS society.

von Wassenhove

Luk N. Van Wassenhove


For outstanding contributions in research and education in operations management, and leadership in the fields of closed loop supply chains and humanitarian logistics.