INFORMS Fellows: Criteria

The Fellow Award is given to recognize sustained contributions of individuals who have demonstrated outstanding accomplishments in operations research and the management sciences (OR/MS). The contributions of a nominee in each of the following five categories will be considered:

Research - Includes theoretical, empirical, or computational innovations in OR/MS. Publications could be in INFORMS journals or non-INFORMS journals.

Practice - Includes substantial application of OR/MS to significant practical problems.

Management - Includes significant responsibility for and direction of the development and application of OR/MS techniques and knowledge within an organization of any type (e.g., academic, for-profit, nonprofit, governmental, military, health care), over an extended period of time, that have had a major impact internal and/or external to the organization.

Education - Includes activities that had significant impact on the growth and development of OR/MS education.

Service - Includes significant work over an extended period of time on behalf of INFORMS and its functions and/or significant contributions that advanced the stature and recognition of the OR/MS profession.

A nominee's record must be truly outstanding in at least one category. The nominee’s contributions should extend over a period of years (not be limited to a single result) and include some service to INFORMS. Exemplars of such contributions are given below in the procedures specifying the contents of a nomination.

The different categories are considered equivalent in importance. That is, no single category or combination of categories will be treated as more important than some other category or combination of categories.