Franz Edelman Academy: Class of 2016


Team: UPS
Project: UPS On-Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation (ORION) Project
Members: UPS


Team: 360i
Project: 360i's Digital Nervous System
Members: 360i, CubeSmart
Team: Asociación Nacional de Fútbol Profesional
Project: Operations Research Transforms Scheduling of Chilean Soccer Leagues and South American World Cup Qualifiers
Members: Asociación Nacional de Fútbol Profesional, Universidad de Chile, NHH Norwegian School of Economics
Team: BNY Mellon
Project: Transition State and End State Optimization Used in the BNY Mellon U.S. Tri-Party Repo Infrastructure Reform Program
Members: BNY Mellon
Team: New York City Police Department
Project: Domain Awareness System (DAS)
Members: New York City Police Department
Team: U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command
Project: Bayesian Networks for U.S. Army Electronics Equipment Diagnostic Applications: CECOM Equipment Diagnostic Analysis Tool, Virtual Logistics Assistance Representative
Members: U.S. Army CECOM, American Trade School, Innovative Decisions, Inc.