Franz Edelman Academy: Class of 2020


Team:  INTEL
Project:  Intel Realizes $25 Billion by Applying Advanced Analytics from Product Architecture DesignThrough Supply Chain Planning
Members:  INTEL


Team: Carnival Corporation & PLC
Project:  Paper: Carnival Optimizes Revenue and Inventory Across Heterogenous Cruise Line Brands
Members:  AIDA Cruises, Carnival Corporation, Carnival Australia, Carnival UK, Holland American Line,  Revenue Analytics, Princess

Team:  Deutsche Bahn AG
Project:  Paper:  Deutsche Bahn Schedules Train Rotations Using Hypergraph Optimization
Members:  Deutsche Bahn AG, DB Cargo AGDB Fernverkehr AG, DB Netz AG,  DB Regio AG, LBW Optimization GmbH, Zuse-Institut Berlin & Freie University

Team: IBM
Project:  Paper:  IBM Predictive Analytics Reduces Server Downtime
Members:  IBM Research – Zurich,  IBM Global Technology Services

Team: Walmart
Project:  Paper:  Walmart Uses Deep Reinforcement Learning to Price Markdowns
Members:  Walmart