Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 1976


Team: AT&T
Paper: The Use of Management Science in Making a Corporate Policy Decision-Changing for Directory Assistance Service
Laureates: J. McDonald, Bell Telephone Laboratories


Team: Booth Fisheries
Paper: An On-Line Integrated Materials Management Systems
Laureates: R. Jaikumar, Booth Fisheries
U.R. Rau, Booth Fisheries
Team: Canadian Forest Products Ltd.
Paper: Application of Linear Programming to Plywood Manufacture
Laureates: Dilip B. Kotak, Canadian Forest Products Ltd.
Team: Cleveland Trust Company
Paper: A System Model for Controlling the Operations of Check Processing in a Branch Bank Network
Laureates: Joseph Anothony Svestka, University of Wisconsin
Team: Federal Aviation Administration
Paper: Training of U.S. Air Traffic Controllers
Laureates: J.H. Henry, Institute for Defense Analyses
M.E. Kamrass, Institute for Defense Analyses
J. Orlansky, Institute for Defense Analyses
T.C. Rowan, Institute for Defense Analyses
J. String, Institute for Defense Analyses
R.E. Reichenbach, Institute for Defense Analyses
Team: Veterans Administration
Paper: Applying Simulation Techniques to Legislative Analysis: The Veterans and Survivors Pension Reform Act
Laureates: K.W. Shepherd