Impact Prize - Application Process

The Impact Prize, awarded once every two years, is intended to recognize widespread impact in the practice of operations research. It may be awarded to an individual or a single set of collaborators. The award may be given for the original research (if these ideas have been widely adopted), and/or for special efforts required to bring the research to a practical form (e.g., implementation as a software package or the communication of a body of research through writings, teaching, and consulting). The important criterion is breadth of use in practice and relevance to operations research. The technical assessment of the quality of the work is considered secondary to the degree to which it has been widely adopted.

Metrics for evaluating the impact of a given contribution could include, but needn’t be restricted to: 

  • Number of citations
  • Number of patents
  • Number of companies using the method
  • Software sales or number of software package downloads
  • Number of software competitors that emerged in the area
  • Cumulative readership of the writings
  • Number of relevant invited conference presentations or university seminars
  • Number of students taught
  • Number of consulting clients
  • Evidence that approaches/paradigms fundamentally shifted after the contribution was made

The initial nomination should be brief (no more than a page) and should contain:

  • the name of the person or set of collaborators responsible for the contribution;
  • a brief summary of the idea or technology that is the basis of the award;
  • a description of the industry or practitioner population that uses the idea; and
  • the nature of the contribution made by the person or group being nominated (creator of the idea or technology).

Initial (brief) nominations are due by May 15, 2022

If a nomination is deemed promising, the nominator will be asked to provide additional information. Of particular importance will be documentation that a contribution is widely used. This can be in the form of testimonials of experts, estimates of the number of installations of a software package and possibly citations of a piece of research. Additional information may be requested to better understand the precise nature of an individual's contribution.   Complete nominations are due by July 1, 2022.

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2022/2023 Committee Chair

Alexander Nikolaev
University of Buffalo


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