Linear Programming Software Survey

The information in this survey was provided by the vendors in response to a questionnaire developed by Robert Fourer. The survey should not be considered as comprehensive, but rather as a representation of available Linear Programming packages.

Questionnaires were sent to vendors drawn from previous survey participants, the OR/MS Today database and other sources. It includes the products of those vendors who responded by the deadline. If you know of a Linear Programming package that is not in this survey, please contact Patton McGinleyat (770) 431-0867, ext. 214 (please include vendor contact information). They will be included in the online version.

The survey is broken down into 13 separate tables (plus a vendor contact list) for easier downloading and viewing:

Table 1:

  • Vendor
  • Software Description:
    Type: Solver, Modeling Environment, Integrated Solver & Modeling Environment

Table 2:

  • Software Description (continued):
    Forms: Independent Application, Procedure / Class Library for: C/C++, C#/.NET, Java, Python, MATLAB, R, Other

Table 3:

  • Software Description (continued):
    Forms (continued): Source Code, Source Code Language, Add-in to

Table 4:

  • Platforms Supported: PC/Windows, PC/Linux, Mac OS, Other OS
    Parallel Solver Support: Shared Memory, Distributed Memory

Table 5:

  • Pricing Information:
    Commercial (Commercial single license price, Other commercial licenses available), Educational/Academic (Academic single license price, Other academic licenses available), Free limited-size versions available, Free full-featured versions available, Free/open-source for all uses

Table 6:

  • Data Compatibility:
    Reads Spreadsheets, Writes Spreadsheets, Reads Database, Writes Database, Reads and Writes Text

Table 7:

  • Solvers or Modeling Environments :
    Solvers/Modeling Environments that Link to Product, Available bundled with above as a single package, Available separately to customers who separately purchase (or have purchased) one of the above

Table 8:

  • Formulations Supported:
    Variable Types:Continuous; Integer, Binary; Other variable types
    Constraint and Objective Types:Piecewise Linear, Quadratic positive-semidefinite

Table 9:

  • Formulations Supported (continued):
    Constraint and Objective Types (continued): Quadratic Conic, Quadratic Nonconvex, General Convex, General Nonlinear, Other constraints and objectives

Table 10:

  • Algorithms/Methods:
    Simplex, Interior Point, Branch-and-Cut, Local Search, Other Algorithms/Methods

Table 11:

  • Algorithms/Methods (continued):
    Optimality of solution: Local, Global

Table 12:

  • Cloud/Software Service Availability:
    NEOS, Service Provided by Vendor, Service Installed by Customer

Table 13:

  • New Features (since June 2015)
  • Other Techniques (available as part of the package)
  • Comments/Description

Vendor List:

  • Software vendor contact information

Be sure to take a read the companion article to this survey: "Linear Programming: Software Survey" by Robert Fourer.