Markus Ettl

Markus Ettl

Past Awards

Innovative Applications in Analytics Award: Third Place
Winning material: Policy Learning Utilizing Counterfactuals with an Application to the Dynamic Pricing of Airline Ancillaries

M&SOM Best Paper Award : Finalist

Revenue Management and Pricing Practice Award: Winner(s)
Winning material: Omni-channel Markdown Optimization

Franz Edelman Award: Winner(s)
1999 - Winner(s)

This award was given to IBM in recognition of their global supply chain re-engineering effort to improve customer responsiveness with minimal inventory. To support this effort, a supply chain analysis tool, called the Asset Management Tool, was developed and implemented. This tool consists of an optimization engine, a simulator, and a series of data extraction modules. It has been used by IBM to study a wide range of global issues. Benefits generated by the program include $750M in material cost savings and price protection. The model was instrumental in improving the performance of the Personal Systems Group. It has also been implemented in several other IBMS activities as well as some of their customers.

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