Innovative Applications in Analytics Award

Please join us in congratulating the finalists of the 2017 Innovative Applications in Analytics Award (IAAA) sponsored by Caterpillar and the INFORMS Analytics Society. The judging committee chaired by Scott Grasman from Rochester Institute of Technology, has selected three finalists. All finalists will present their projects at the 2017 INFORMS Analytics Conference in Las Vegas in April. Here is the list of finalists (in no particular order).  
·       Audience Targeting Solutions Powered by Advanced Analytics
        Contact: José Antonio Carbajal, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
·       Combining Multi Criteria Analysis with Interactive Visualization
        and Real Time Sensitivity Simulations to Support the Regeneration                  
        Process of Disused Railways
        Contact: Valentina Ferretti, London School of Economics and Political Science
·       Assurance of Supply Center - Excellence through Supply Network Optimization
        Contact: Tori Rollings, Caterpillar
The Analytics Society leadership would like to congratulate all semi-finalists and cordially thank the judging committee for their hard work in selecting these finalists.
The Caterpillar and INFORMS Analytics Society Innovative Applications of Analytics Award is the flagship competition of our society. The purpose this award is to recognize the creative and unique application of a combination of analytical techniques in a new area. The prize promotes the awareness and value of the creative combination of analytics techniques in unusual applications to provide insights and business value.

2016 Winner(s)

Winning material: An Analytics Approach to the Clock Drawing Test for Cognitive Impairment

Purpose of the Award

The purpose of the Innovative Applications in Analytics Award is to recognize the creative and unique application of a combination of analytical techniques in a new area. The prize promotes the awareness and value of the creative combination of analytics techniques in unusual applications to provide insights and business value.

The prize is not meant to recognize strictly theoretical advances, though theoretical advances might be an enabler to innovative applications. Similarly, the prize is not focused on implementation value created, but such value creation might add credibility to the innovation. 

Applicants can submit proposals that span applications of descriptive, predictive or prescriptive analytics, as well as data creation, collection and dissemination which support or enable novel analytical methods.

Descriptive innovation could include novel measures, visualization methods, or creative approaches to the analytics process improvement among others. Predictive innovation might be statistical application, text analytics or simulation, among others. Prescriptive innovation might include for example, game theory or optimization. New sources of data creation and collection, and new avenues for dissemination of analytical approaches can also help demonstrate the innovativeness of the submission. The lists above are not meant to be exclusive, but rather illustrative examples of areas of innovation.

In its inaugural year, 2012, this award was known as the "Innovation in Analytics Award".

Application Process

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2017 Committee Chair
Scott Grasman
Professor and Department Head
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Rochester Institute of Technology

Past Awardees

2016 Winner(s)
Cynthia Rudin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2015 Winner(s)
Narges Hosseini, Mayo Clinic Rochester Kalyan Pasupathy, Mayo Clinic Rochester Thomas Rohleder, Mayo Clinic Rochester Jeanne Huddleston, Mayo Clinic Rochester Paul Huddleston, Mayo Clinic Rochester Yariv Marmor, ORT Braude College
2015 Second Place
Jose A. Ramirez-Hernandez, American Airlines Steven Oakley, American Airlines Mei Zhang, American Airlines Alejandro Scalise, American Airlines
Kris Johnson, MIT Operations Research Center Bin Hong Alex Lee, MIT Operations Research Center David Simchi-Levi, MIT Operations Research Center Murali Narayanaswamy, Rue La La Philip Roizin, Rue La La Jonathan Waggoner, Rue La La
2014 Winner(s)

Prem Melville, Vijil Chenthamarakshan, Rick Lawrence, Solomon Assefa, Machine Learning Group, IBM Research, Yorktown Heights, NY
James Powell, Sharad Sapra, UNICEF Uganda
Rajesh Anandan, US Fund for UNICEF, New York, NY

Presenting Author: Rick Lawrence

2014 Second Place
Daniel Reich, Ford Motor Company Sandra L. Winkler, Ford Motor Company Erica Klampfl, Ford Research & Advanced Engineering Natalie Olson, Ford Motor Company
2014 Third Place
Suman Kumar Singh, Fiserv Aditya Khandekar, Fiserv Tarang Goyal, Fiserv
2013 Winner(s)

Cynthia Rudin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology;
Seyda Ertekin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology;
Rebecca Passonneau, Axinia Radeva, Ashish Tomar, Boyi Xie, Columbia University;
Stanley Lewis, Mark Riddle, Debbie Pangsrivinij, John Shipman, Steve Ierome and Delfina Isaac, Con Edison Company of New York

Cynthia Rudin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2013 Second Place
Mark R. Grabau, IBM Elizabeth M. Riczko, Westfield Insurance
2013 Third Place

Peter Katlic, Kunter Akbay, Onur Dulgeroglu, Christopher Johnson, Bex Thomas, Angela Patterson, Dan Yang, Andrew Day, Jeff Terry, and Keith O’Reilly, GE Research

David Toledano, General Electric Global Research Marcia Peterson
2012 Winner(s)
Booz Allen Hamilton
2012 Second Place
Yixin Diao, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center Aliza Heching, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center David Northcutt, Association for Computing Machinery
2012 Third Place
Gabriel Gershenfeld, Cleveland Indians