Peter C. Bell

Peter C. Bell

Past Awards

George E. Kimball Medal: Winner(s)
2019 - Winner(s)

Volunteer Service Award: Awardee(s)
2016 - Awardee(s)

INFORMS Case Competition: Third Place
Winning material: The Gold Claim at Sturgeon Lake

INFORMS Elected Fellows: Awardee(s)

Prize for the Teaching of the OR/MS Practice: Winner(s)

Professor Peter C. Bell has been teaching OR/MS at the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario for more than 25 years. During that time, his teaching has given OR/MS the breath of life. He has taught his students the fundamental OR/MS techniques as well as a keen sense of their potential impact.

Professor Bell teaches at a case-teaching Business School. He has written over 100 cases, along with relevant teaching notes. When INFORMS decided to build a library of OR/MS cases, Professor Bell was commissioned to develop several cases as an initial step.

Professor Bell teaches hundreds of students each year. He teaches in the undergraduate, MBA, and EMBA programs. Whereas OR/MS has declined in visibility at many Business Schools over the last fifteen years, it has flourished within the Ivey School. OR/MS is a core component of every degree program taught at the Ivey School. Within the core, students spend as much time learning about OR/MS as they do any other discipline. This is almost single-handedly attributable to the extraordinarily successful courses developed and taught by Professor Bell and his junior colleagues.

Professor Bell’s courses differ from traditional OR/MS courses in at least two ways. First, he teaches OR/MS via cases. Second, he has pioneered the teaching of strategic OR/MS. Thus, he focuses on real-world applications of OR/MS that create a competitive advantage for an enterprise.

Numerous letters attest to the enormous influence Professor Bell has had on his students’ careers in industry. For example, a former student, currently working as an investment banking analyst, writes, “When faced with a daunting problem, I instinctively think back to particular cases that we completed in his class that seem to be similarly structured, and then do my best to apply the approach to my own situation.”

For his exceptional success in teaching so many students how to apply OR/MS in the real world, INFORMS is proud to award its prize for the Teaching of OR/MS Practice to Peter C. Bell.