The Design Science Award Application Process

Award Nomination and Submission

Individuals may nominate one or more persons for this award. Each nomination should include the information described below. Self nominations are welcome.

Submissions should be sent to the following e-mail address:

mailto:[email protected]

The submission package should consist of

1. A cover statement for the submission summarizing

A. The name of the nominee and contact information.
B. Your name (or team name), affiliation, and contact information.
C. A title for the research effort, project, or program you are nominating.
D. A summary of the essential goals, accomplishments, and contributions of the research effort. Make sure the judging panel clearly understands how and why the work has contributed to Information Systems related Design Science in the past or present, or how the work will contribute in the future.
E. Why the submitted work is to be considered as being within the realm of Information Systems related Design Science (based on Item #2 in the Appendix below).
F. Verification that the project is principally led and driven by university based faculty, staff and students for R&D or educational purposes.
G. A list of supporting documentation items submitted on the R&D effort submitted.

2. The supporting documentation

A. All submissions must include one or more supporting peer-reviewed published paper which clearly explains the Design Science effort being nominated for the award. The paper may be either a journal, conference or workshop paper as long as it is rigorously peer reviewed.
B. Optionally, submissions may include other types of supporting information as well. For example, a submission package may also include

Project web sites with URL’s
Videos or other multi-media explanations of the work
Stand alone presentations which are designed to be understandable even if viewed without an accompanying verbal explanation.

C. Optionally, submissions may include letters of recommendation, evaluation, or support.

Separate recommendation or evaluation letters are not required. However, the nominee submitting the application package may choose to also include such supporting letters. If one does include supporting letters, please make sure such letters provide substantive information and insight which can help the judging panel to understand the work and its significance to Design Science in the context of Information Systems.