Franz Edelman Academy: Class of 2021


Team:  UN World Food Programme
Project:  UN World Food Programme: Towards Zero Hunger with Analytics
Members:  World Food Programme, Northeastern University,  University of Amsterdam, Tilburg University


Team:  Alibaba Group
Project:  Alibaba VRP Algorithms Solved ItsHour-Level Delivery Problem
Members:  Alibaba, Cainiao Network, Digital Supply Chain, Alibaba Group, Freshippo, Alibaba Group, Lazada Group

Project: Operations Research Algorithms DriveUnmanned Warehouse Robots to Work
Members:, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics,  The University of Chicago Booth School of Business,  University of Southern California

Team: Lenovo
Project:  Advanced Planning and Scheduling in Large Manufacturing Plants Using Reinforcement Learning
Members:  Lenovo Group Limited,  LCFC (HeFei) Electronics Technology Co Ltd

Team: Memorial Sloan KetteringCancer Center
Project:  Automated and Clinically Optimal Treatment Planning for Cancer Radiotherapy
Members:  Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Team: OCP
Project:  Towards Global Food Security:Transforming OCP Through Analytics
Members:  Dynamic Ideas, OCP Group