Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 1981


Team: American Natural Resources Company (ANR)
Paper: From Freight Flow And Cost Patterns To Greater Profitability And Better Service For A Motor Carrier
Laureates: Henry H. Barker, ANR Freight Systems, Inc.
Ed. M. Sharon, ANR Freight Systems, Inc.
Dilip K. Sen, ANR Freight Systems, Inc.


Team: American Telephone and Telegraph
Paper: Reducing Uncollectible Revenue from Residential Telephone Customers
Laureates: Janet L. Showers, Bell Laboratories
Lewis M. Chakrin, Bell Laboratories 
Team: American Edwards Laboratories
Paper: Matching Supplies To Save Lives: Linear Programming The Production Of Heart Valves
Laureates: Said S. Hilal, American Edwards Laboratories
Warren Erikson, American Edwards Laboratories 
Team: Burger King Corporation
Paper: Simulation Modeling Improved Operations, Planning and Productivity of Fast Food Restaurants
Laureates: William Swart, Burger King Corporation
Luca Donno, Burger King Corporation 
Team: Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Paper: Using A Dialysis Need-Projection Model For Health Planning In Massachusetts
Laureates: Joseph S. Pliskin, Boston University
Eileen J. Tell, Massachusetts Dept of Public Health 
Team: Seaway Transport Canada
Paper: Keeping Ahead of a $2 Billion Canal
Laureates: Wayne A. Dawson, St. Lawrence Seaway Authority
S. Mohan Lakshminarayan, St. Lawrence Seaway Authority
André A. Landry, St. Lawrence Seaway Authority
J. Bruce McLeod, St. Lawrence Seaway Authority 
Team: Standard Brands, Inc.
Paper: Scientific Management Of Inventory On A Hand-Held Calculator
Laureates: Donald B. Brout, Standard Brands Inc