Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 1985


Team: Weyerhaeuser Company
Paper: Weyerhaeuser Decision Simulator Improves Timber Profits
Laureates: Mark R. Lembersky, Weyerhaeuser Company
Uli H. Chi, Weyerhaeuser Company


Team: Canadian National Railways
Paper: Expansion of Canadian National Railway's Line Capacity
Laureates: Norma Welch, Canadian National Railways
James Gussow, Canadian National Railways
Team: New York City Department of Sanitation
Paper: Polishing the Big Apple: How Management Science Has Helped Make New York Streets Cleaner
Laureates: Lucius J. Riccio, City of New York
Joseph Miller, City of New York
Ann Litke, City of New York
Team: Electrobrás & CEPEL
Paper: Coordinating the Energy Generation of the Brazilian National Hydrothermal Electrical Generating System
Laureates: L.A. Terry, CEPEL
M.V.F. Pereira, CEPEL 
T.A. Araripe Neto, Electrobrás
L.F.C.A. Silva, Electrobrás
P.R.H. Sales, Electrobrás
Team: Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
Paper: Pacific Gas and Electric State-of-the-Art Scheduling Tool For Hydro Systems
Laureates: Yoshiro Ikura, Consilium, Inc.
George Gross, Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Gene Sand Hall, Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Team: United Airlines
Paper: United Airlines Station Manpower Planning System
Laureates: Thomas J. Holloran, United Airlines
Judson E. Bryn, United Airlines