Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 1988


Team: City of San Francisco Police Department
Paper: A Break from Tradition for the San Francisco Police: Patrol Officer Scheduling Using an Optimization-Based Decision Support System
Laureates: Philip E. Taylor, University of San Francisco
Stephen J. Huxley, University of San Francisco


Team: Bethlehem Steel Corporation
Paper: Selecting Optimal Ingot Sizes for Bethlehem Steel
Laureates: Francis J. Vasko, Kutztown University
Floyd E. Wolf, Bethlehem Steel Corporation
Kenneth L. Stott, Bethlehem Steel Corporation
James W. Scheirer, Bethlehem Steel Corporation
Team: Electric Power Research Institute
Paper: EPRI Reduces Fuel Inventory Cost in the Electric Utility Industry
Laureates: Hung-Po Chao, Electric Power Research Institute
Stephen W. Chapel, Electric Power Research Institute
Charles E. Clark, Jr., Decision Focus Incorporated
Peter A. Morris, Applied Decision Analysis, Inc.
M. James Sandling, Solomon Brothers
Richard C. Grimes, Decision Focus Incorporated
Team: Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Turkey
Paper: A Systems Approach for the Turkish Housing Problem
Laureates: Ibrahim Kavrakoğlu, Türkiye Şişe ve Cam Fabrikalari A.Ş.
Ali Riza Kaylan, Boğaziçi University
Süleyman ÖzekiciBoğaziçi University
Süleyman ÖzmucurBoğaziçi University
Güniz Tamer, EPO A.Ş
Team: Marriott Corporation, Courtyard Division
Paper: Courtyard by Marriott: Designing a Hotel Facility with Consumer-Based Marketing Models
Laureates: Jerry Wind, University of Pennsylvania
Paul E. Green, University of Pennsylvania
Douglas Shifflet, D.K. Shifflet & Associates, Ltd. 
Marsha Scarbrough, Marriott Corporation
Team: Texaco Inc.
Paper: OMEGA: An Improved Gasoline Blending System for Texaco
Laureates: Calvin W. DeWitt, Eastern New Mexico University
Leon S. Lasdon, University of Texas at Austin 
Allan D. Waren, Cleveland State University
Donald A. Brenner, Texaco
Simon A. Melhem, Texaco
Team: United States Air Force, Tinker Air Force Base
Paper: An Application of Simulation and Network Analysis to Capacity Planning and Material Handling Systems at Tinker Air Force Base
Laureates: A. Ravindran, University of Oklahoma
Bobbie L. Foote, University of Oklahoma
Adedeji B. Badiru, University of Oklahoma
Lawrence M. Leemis, University of Oklahoma
Larry Williams, Tinker Air Force Base