Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 1989


Team: ABB Electric, Inc.
Paper: A Choice-Modeling Market Information System That Enabled ABB Electric to Expand Its Market Share
Laureates: Dennis H. Gensch, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
Nicola Aversa, ABB Electric, Inc.
Steven P. Moore, ABB Electric, Inc.


Team: Hidroelectrica Espanola, S.A.
Paper: Managing Hidroeléctrica Española's Hydroelectric Power System
Laureates: Ron S. Dembo, University of Toronto
Angel Chiarri, Hidroeléctrica Española S.A.
Jesus Gomez Martin, Hidroeléctrica Española S.A.
Luis Paradinas, Hidroeléctrica Española S.A.
Team: IBM
Paper: IBM Burlington's Logistics Managment System
Laureates: Gerald Sullivan, IBM
Kenneth Fordyce, IBM
Team: IBM Optimizer
Paper: Optimizer: IBM's Multi-Echelon Inventory System for Managing Service Logistics
Laureates: Morris Cohen, University of Pennsylvania
Pasumarti V. Kamesam, IBM
Paul Kleindorfer, University of Pennsylvania
Hau Lee, Stanford University
Armen Tekerian, IBM
Team: S.T.C.U.M.
Paper: The HASTUS Vehicle and Manpower Scheduling System at the Société de transport de la Communauté urbaine de Montréal
Laureates: Jean-Yves Blais, GIRO, Inc.
Jacques Lamont, S.T.C.U.M.
Marc Rousseau, Univeristy of Montréal
Team: AT&T National Technical Center
Paper: AT&T's Telemarketing Site Selection System Offers Customer Support
Laureates: Thomas Spencer, AT&T
Anthony J. Brigandi, AT&T
Dennis R. Dargon, AT&T
Michael J. Sheehan, AT&T
Team: The Egyptian Cabinet
Paper: Managing Institutionalization of Strategic Decision Support for the Egyptian Cabinet
Laureates: Hisham El Sherif, American University in Cairo/Cabinet of Egypt