Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 1992


Team: New Haven Health Department
Paper: Let the Needles Do the Talking! Evaluating the New Haven Needle Exchange
Laureates: Edward H. Kaplan, Yale University
Elaine O'Keefe, New Haven Health Department


Team: Bellcore (Telcordia Technologies)
Paper: Improving the Utility of the Bellcore Consortium
Laureates: Bruce Hoadley, Bellcore (Telcordia Technologies)
Paul Katz, Bellcore (Telcordia Technologies)
Amir Sadrian, Bellcore (Telcordia Technologies)
Team: City of New York
Paper: Improving the New York City Arrest-to-Arraignment System
Laureates: Richard C. Larson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Michael F. Cahn, Queues Enforth Development, Inc.
Martin C. Shell, Queues Enforth Development, Inc.
Team: Gas Research Institute
Paper: How the Gas Research Institute (GRI) Helped Transform the US Natural Gas Industry
Laureates: William M. Burnett, Gas Research Institute
Dominic J. Monetta
Barry G. Silverman, George Washington University
Team: Merit Brass Company
Paper: The Modernization of Merit Brass
Laureates: A. Dale Flowers, Case Western University
Team: New Haven Fire Department
Paper: Improving Fire Department Productivity: Merging Fire and Emergency Medical units in New Haven
Laureates: Arthur J. Swersey, Yale University
Louis Goldring, Soros Fund Management
Earl D. Geyer. Sr., New Haven Fire Department
Team: Vilpac Corporativo, S.A.
Paper: Mexico's Vilpac Truck Company Uses a CIM Implementation to Become a World Class Manufacturer
Laureates: José Pablo Nuño, CIM Systems Research Center, Arizona State University
Dan L. Shunk, CIM Systems Research Center, Arizona State University
José Manuel Padillo, CIM Systems Research Center, Arizona State University
Benedo Beltrán, Centro de Enseñanza Técnica y Superior