Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 1999


Team: IBM Corporation
Paper: Extended-Enterprise Supply-Chain Management at IBM Personal Systems Group and Other Divisions
Laureates: Grace LinIBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Markus Ettl, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Steve BuckleyIBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Sugato Bagchi, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
David D. Yao, Columbia University
Bret L. Naccarato, IBM Printing Systems Company
Rob Allan, IBM Personal Systems Group
Kerry Kim, IBM Personal Systems Group
Lisa Koenig, IBM Personal Systems Group


Team: British Telecommunications plc (BT)
Paper: Dynamic Workforce Scheduling for British Telecommunications plc
Laureates: David Lesaint, Intelligent Systems Research
Christos Voudouris, Intelligent Systems Research
Nader Azarmi, Intelligent Systems Research
Team: AT&T
Paper: Optimizing Restoration Capacity in the AT&T Network
Laureates: Ken Ambs, AT&T Network Services
Sebastian Cwilich, AT&T Labs
Mei Deng, AT&T Labs
David J. Houck, Bell Laboratories
David F. Lynch, AT&T Labs
Dicky Yan, AT&T Network Services
Team: Mason and Hanger Corporation
Paper: Swords into Plowshares: Nuclear Weapon Dismantlement, Evaluation, and Maintenance at Pantex
Laureates: Edwin A. Kjeidgaard, Sandia National Laboratories
Dean A. Jones, Sandia National Laboratories
George F. List, North Carolina State University
Mark A. Turnquist, Cornell University
James W. Angelo, Mason and Hanger Corporation
Richard D. Hopson, Mason and Hanger Corporation
John Hudson, Mason and Hanger Corporation
Terry Holeman, Mason and Hanger Corporation
John Hudson, Mason and Hanger Corporation
Team: Spicer Off-Highway Products Division
Paper: Spicer Off-Highway Products Divison-Brugge Improves its Lead-Time and Scheduling Performance
Laureates: Nico J. VandaeleUniversity of Antwerp
Marc R. Lambrecht, Katholieke University
Nicolas De Schuyter, Spicer Off-Highway Products
Rony Cremmery, Spicer Off-Highway Products
Team: Towers Perrin
Paper: An Asset and Liability Management System for Towers Perrin-Tillinghast
Laureates: John M. Mulvey, Princeton University
Gordon Gould, Towers Perrin-Tillinghast
Clive Morgan, Towers Perrin-Tillinghast
Team: Visteon Automotive Systems
Paper: Visteon's Sterling Plant Uses Simulation-Based Decision Support in Training, Operations, and Planning
Laureates: George Pfeil, 
Ron Holcomb, Visteon Automotive Systems
Charles T. Muir, Visteon Automotive Systems
Shahram Taj, University of Detroit