Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 2000


Team: Jeppesen
Paper: Improving Performance and Flexibility at Jeppesen: The World's Leading Aviation-Information Company
Laureates: Elena Katok, Pennsylvania State University
William Tarantino, Center for Army Analysis
Ralph Tiedeman, Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc.


Team: Air New Zealand
Paper: Optimized Crew Scheduling at Air New Zealand
Laureates: E. Rod Butchers, Network Logistics, Air New Zealand Ltd.
Paul R. Day, Optimal Decision Technologies Ltd.
Andrew P. Goldie, Optimal Decision Technologies Ltd.
Stephen Miller, Network Logistics
Jeff A. Meyer, Optimal Decision Technologies Ltd.
David M. Ryan, University of Auckland
Amanda C. Scott, Network Logistics, Air New Zealand Ltd.
Chris A. Wallace, Network Logistics, Air New Zealand Ltd.
Team: Federal Aviation Administration
Paper: Enhancements to the FAA Ground-Delay Program Under Collaborative Decision Making
Laureates: Kan Chang, Metron, Inc.
Ken Howard, Volpe National Transportation System Center
Rick Oiesen, Volpe National Transportation System Center
Lara Shisler, Metron, Inc.
Midori Tanino, Metron, Inc.
Michael C. Wambsganss, Metron, Inc.
Team: Fingerhut Companies, Inc.
Paper: Optimizing Customer Mail Streams at Fingerhut
Laureates: Deb Campbell, Fingerhut Companies, Inc.
Randy Erdahl, Fingerhut Companies, Inc.
Doug Johnson, Fingerhut Companies, Inc.
Eric Bibelnieks, IBM Global Services
Michael Haydock, IBM Global Services
Mark Bullock, Level 3 Communications
Harlan Crowder, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Team: Ford Motor Company
Paper: Rightsizing and Management of Prototype Vehicle Testing at Ford Motor Company
Laureates: Kenneth Chelst, Wayne State University
John Sidelko, Ford Motor Company
Alex Przebienda, Ford Motor Company
Jeffrey Lockledge, Wayne State University
Dimitrios Mihailidis, Technological Education Institute of Crete
Team: IBM Microelectronics
Paper: Matching Assets with Demand in Supply-Chain Management at IBM Microelectronics
Laureates: Peter Lyon, IBM Microelectronics
R. John Milne, IBM Microelectronics
Robert Orzell, IBM Microelectronics
Robert Rice, IBM Microelectronics