Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 2004


Team: Motorola Inc.
Paper: Reinventing the Supplier Negotiation Process at Motorola
Laureates: Theresa Metty, Motorola Inc.
Rob Harlan, Motorola Inc.
Quentin Samelson, Motorola Inc. 
Tom Moore, Motorola Inc. 
Thomas Morris, Motorola Inc. 
Ron Sorensen, Motorola, Inc. 
Avner Schneur, Emptoris, Inc. 
Olga Raskina, Emptoris, Inc. 
Rina Schneur, Emptoris, Inc.
Joshua Kanner, Emptoris, Inc.
Kevin Potts, Emptoris, Inc.
Jeffrey Robbins, Emptoris, Inc.


Team: Bombardier Flexjet
Paper: Bombardier Flexjet Significantly Improves Its Financial Aircraft Ownership Operations
Laureates: Richard Hicks, Bombardier Aerospace
Richard Madrid, Bombardier Aerospace
Chris Milligan, Bombardier Aerospace
Robert Pruneau, Bombardier Aerospace
Mike Kanaley, Bombardier Aerospace
Yvan Dumas, AD OPT Technologies, Inc. 
Benoit Lacroix, AD OPT Technologies, Inc. 
Jacques Desrosiers, HEC Montréal and GERAD
Francois Soumis, École Polytechnique de Montréal and GERAD
Team: Deere & Company
Paper: Improving Asset Management and Order Fulfillment at Deere & Company's C&CE Division
Laureates: Loren Troyer, Deere & Company
James Smith, Deere & Company 
Sean Marshall, Deere & Company 
Elan Yaniv, Deere & Company 
Sridhar Tayur, SmartOps Corporation
Martin Barkman, SmartOps Corporation
Alev Kaya, SmartOps Corporation
Yong Liu, SmartOps Corporation
Team: Hong Kong International Terminals
Paper: Hongkong International Terminals Gains Elastic Capacity Using a Data-Intensive Decision-Support System
Laureates: Katta G. Murty, University of Michigan
Yat-wah Wan, National Dong Hwa University
Jiyin Liu, Loughborough University 
Mitchell M. Tseng, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Edmond Leung, Hongkong International Terminals
Kam-Keung Lai, Hongkong International Terminals
Herman W.C. Chiu, Hong Kong Productivity Council
Team: Philips Semiconductors
Paper: Philips Electronics Synchronizes Its Supply Chain to End the Bullwhip Effect
Laureates: John C. Butler, Ohio State University
Alexander N. Chebeskov, Institute for Physics and Power Engineering
James S. Dyer, University of Texas at Austin
Thomas A. Edmunds, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Jianmin Jia, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Alexander Oussanov, Institute for Physics and Power Engineering
Team: OFMD
Paper: Philips Electronics Synchronizes Its Supply Chain to End the Bullwhip Effect
Laureates: Ton de Kok, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Fred Janssen, CQM 
Jan van Doremalen, CQM 
Erik van Wachem, Philips Semiconductors
Mathieu Clerkx, Philips Semiconductors
Winfried Peeters, Philips Semiconductors
Team: Waste Management
Paper: Routing Optimization for Waste Management
Laureates: Surya Sahoo, Institute of Information Technology, Inc.
Seongbae Kim, Institute of Information Technology, Inc.
Byung-In Kim, Institute of Information Technology, Inc.
Bob Kraas, Waste Management, Inc.
Alexander Popov, Jr., Waste Management, Inc.