Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 2011


Team: Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator (MISO)
Paper: MISO Unlocks Billions in Savings through the Application of Operations Research to Energy and Ancillary Services Markets
Laureates: Brian Carlson, MISO
Yonghong Chen, MISO
Mingguo Hong, MISO 
Roy Jones, ElectricCities of North Carolina
Kevin Larson, MISO
Xingwang Ma, Utilicast
Peter Nieuwesteeg, AIMMS
Haili Song, Utilicast
Kimberly Sperry, MISO
Matthew Tackett, MISO
Doug Taylor, MISO
Jie Wan, Alstom Grid
Eugene Zak, Alstom Grid


Team: InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)
Paper: Retail Price Optimization at InterContinental Hotels Group
Laureates: Dev Koushik, IHG
Jon A. Higbie, Revenue Analytics
Craig Eister, IHG
Team: Compañia Sud Americana de Vapores (CSAV)
Paper: A Strategic Empty Container Logistics Optimization in a Major Shipping Company
Laureates: Rafael Epstein, University of Chile
Andres Neely, University of Chile
Andrés Weintraub, University of Chile
Fernando Valenzuela, CSAV
Sergio Hurtado, CSAV
Guillermo Gonzalez, CSAV
Alex Beiza, CSAV
Mauricio Naveas, CSAV
Florencio Infante, CSAV
Fernando Alarcon, University of Chile
Gustavo Angulo, University of Chile
Cristian Berner, University of Chile
Jaime Catalan, University of Chile
Cristian Gonzalez, University of Chile 
Daniel Yung, University of Chile
Team: Fluor Enterprises Inc.
Paper: Project Management and Change - A Simulation Based System for Better Performance
Laureates: Edward Godlewski, Fluor Enterprises Inc.
Gregory Lee, Kenneth Cooper Associates LLC
Kenneth Cooper, Kenneth Cooper Associates LLC
Team: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)
Paper: Branch Reconfiguration Practice through Operations Research at Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited
Laureates: Xiquan Wang, ICBC
Xingdong Zhang, ICBC
Xiaohu Liu, ICBC
Lijie Guo, ICBC
Thomas Li, IBM Research
Jin Dong, IBM Research
Wenjun Yin, IBM Research
Ming Xie, IBM Research
Bin Zhang, IBM Research
Team: New York State Department of Tax and Finance (NYS DTF)
Paper: Tax Collections Optimization for New York State
Laureates: Gerard Miller, NYS DTF
Melissa Weatherwax, NYS DTF
Timothy Gardinier, NYS DTF
Naoki Abe, IBM Research
Prem Melville, IBM Research
Cezar Pendus, IBM Research
David Jensen, IBM Research
Chandan K Reddy, Wayne State University
Vince P Thomas, IBM Corporation
James J Bennett, IBM Corporation
Gary F Anderson, IBM Corporation
Brent R Cooley, IBM Corporation