Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 2012


Team: TNT Express
Paper: Supply Chain-Wide Optimization at TNT Express
Laureates: Hein Fleuren, Tilburg University
Chris Goossens, TNT Express
Marco Hendriks, TNT Express
Marie-Christine Lombard, TNT Express
Ineke Meuffels, ORTEC/Tilburg Univeristy
John Poppelaars, ORTEC


Team: Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group
Paper: Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group Maximizes Revenue through Improved Demand Management and Price Optimization
Laureates: Pelin Pekgün, JDA Software Group
Ronald P. Menich, JDA Software Group
Suresh Acharya, JDA Software Group
Phillip Finch, JDA Software Group
Frederic Deschamps, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group
Kathleen Mallery, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group
James Van Sistine, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group
Kyle Christianson, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group
James Fuller, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group
Team: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Paper: Advancing Public Health and Medical Preparedness with Operations Research
Laureates: Eva K Lee, Georgia Institute of Technology
Greg Burel, CDC
Bernard A Benecke, CDC 
Ferdinand H Pietz, CDC
Jacquelyn Mason, CDC
Team: Danaos
Paper: Optimizing Ship Routing to Maximize Fleet Revenue at Danaos
Laureates: Takis Varelas, Danaos Shipping Co LTD 
Sofia Archontaki, Danaos Management Consultants SA
Osman Turan, University of Strathclyde
Iraklis Lazakis, University of Strathclyde
John Dimotikalis, Technological Education Institute of Crete 
Orestis Varelas, Anangel Maritime Services Inc
Team: Intel Corporation
Paper: Optimizing Capital Investment Decisions at Intel Corporation
Laureates: Karl G. Kempf, Intel Corporation
Erik F. Hertzler, Intel Corporation
Timothy R. Rosenberg, Intel Corporation
Feryal Erhun, Stanford University
Chen Peng, Stanford University
Team: Hewlett-Packard
Paper: Hewlett Packard: Delivering Profitable Growth for Using Operations Research
Laureates: Suresh Subramanian, HP Printing and Personal Systems
David W. Hill, HP Printing and Personal Systems
Prasanna Dhore, HP Global Marketing
Rohit Tandon, HP Global Analytics
Arnab Chakraborty, HP Global Analytics
Girish Srinivasan, HP Global Analytics
Manav Shroff, HP Global Analytics
Ahmar Abdullah, HP Global Analytics
Bharathan R Shamasundar, HP Global Analytics
Ritwik Sinha, HP Global Analytics