Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 2019

Team:  Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District
Paper: Csoft®: Innovative Solution for the Real-time Control of Sewer Networks
Angela Akridge, Louisville MSD
Francois Grondin, TetraTech, Inc.
Wolffie Miller, Louisville MSD
Martin Pleau, TetraTech, Inc.
Leslie Shoemaker, TetraTech, Inc.
Diana Tao, TetraTech, Inc.


Team: Boston Public Schools
Project:  From School Buses to Bell Times: Driving Policy with Optimization
Dimitris Bertsimas, MIT
Arthur Delarue, MIT
William Eger, BPS
John Hanlon, BPS
Sebastien Martin, MIT

Team:  IBM Services
Project:  Analytics and OR for IBM’s IT Service Deals
Aly Megahed, IBM Research
Taiga Nakamura, IBM Research
Mark Smith , IBM Services
Shubhi Asthana, IBM Research
Michael Rose, IBM Services
Maja Daczkowska , IBM Services
Sandeep Gopisetty, IBM Research

Team:  Microsoft
Project:  Dynamic Customized E-Commerce Fraud Detection System for Profit Optimality
Jay Nanduri, Microsoft Corporation
Anand Oka, Microsoft Corporation
Yuting Jia, Microsoft Corporation
John Beaver, Microsoft Corporation
Yung-Wen Liu, Microsoft Corporation

Team:  Spanish Aviation Safety & Security Agency (AESA)
Project:  RIMAS: Safer skies in Spain
Veronica Elvira Olalla, AESA
Francisco Bernal Lozano, AESA
David Rios, Royal Academy of Sciences

Team:  Vattenfall
Project:  Vattenfall Gets Hundreds of Millions in Gains Through the Application of Operations Research for Offshore Wind Farm Design
Martina Fischetti, Vattenfall
Jesper Runge Kristoffersen, Vattenfall
Thomas Hjort, Vattenfall
Michele Monaci, University of Bologna
David Pisinger, Technical University of Denmark