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Statistical Software Survey
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Product Vendor Year First Version was Released Software Description Targeted Market
AcaStat AcaStat Software 1999 Inexpensive and easy to use data analysis tool. Education and Research
Analytic Solver Data Mining (XLMiner) Frontline Systems Inc. 2011 Data exploration, forecasting, data mining, text mining in Excel and the cloud Business analysts / "citizen data scientists", cross-industry
Autobox Automatic Forecasting Systems, Inc. 1976 Automatic Modeling & Forecasting, Adapts to level shifts, outliers, seasonal pulses, trends, lead/lags of causals Any market - Forecasting, Data Cleansing, Promotion Response, Early Warning Systems
Clarity AcaStat Software 2010 Conducts common statistical procedures on data entered or imported. Education and Research
Convergent Cluster and Ensemble Analysis (CCEA) Sawtooth Software 1988 Ensemble and k-means clustering Any
Crystal Ball Oracle 1987 Oracle Crystal Ball is a spreadsheet-based application for predictive modeling, forecasting, simulation, and optimization All industries, including Manufacturing, Finance, Oil, Gas, and Energy, Government, and Pharmaceuticals
GAUSS Mathematical & Statistical System Aptech Systems, Inc. 1984 Efficient, scalable math/stat environment suitable cross-industry AI/machine learning, statistics, econometrics, engineering Cross-industry - commercial enterprise, government and academia
iData MJC2   MJC's i-Data forecasting software provides demand forecasting, capacity planning &real-time monitoring functionality Logistics, manufacturing, transport, retail, food & beverages, construction, automotive, petroleum
JMP SAS 1989 JMP is powerful statistical analysis software linked with interactive graphics, in memory and on the desktop. JMP is used by scientists and engineers in a variety of industries, worldwide. Also used in academia and government sectors.
JMP Pro SAS 1989 JMP Pro is the version of JMP that includes advanced analytics tools for predictive modeling, analysis and visualization. JMP Pro is used by professionals in many industries and government sectors, worldwide. Also included in academic licenses.
Lighthouse Studio Sawtooth Software 1983 Design, field (online & offline), analyze and run simulations for conjoint analysis and MaxDiff (best/worst) exercises. Any industry where preferences are of interest (pricing, demand, healthcare treatment, education, etc.)
Menu-Based Conjoint Sawtooth Software 2012 Software for analyzing multi-choice (menu) datasets Any industry where preferences are of interest (pricing, demand, healthcare treatment, education)
Optimal Scientist Software Package Transpower Corporation 1993 Optimal Scientist Software Package--Design and Analysis of Optimal Experiments and General Purpose Graph Program Scientists, engineers, operations researchers, academic
SigmaXL SigmaXL Inc. 1998 SigmaXL is an easy to use Excel add-in for graphical and Six Sigma statistical analysis. SigmaXL is used in a wide variety of industries, businesses and academic and government agencies.
Stat::Fit Geer Mountain Software Corporation 1995 Statistically fits to your data the most useful analytical distribution and exports into specific forms for simulation Simulation and modeling, risk assessment, reliability, quality, engineering and financial management
StatCalc AcaStat Software 1999 Designed to compare summary statistics, develop confidence intervals, and conduct common statistical procedures. Education and Research
Vanguard Business Analytics Suite Vanguard Software 2008 Modeling tool for statistical/data analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, decision tree analysis, forecasting, and optimization All industries and government; SMBs to Fortune 100
XLMiner SDK Frontline Systems Inc. 2016 Software Development Kit for forecasting, data mining, text mining Application developers, cross-industry
XLSTAT Addinsoft 1996 XLSTAT is a general statistical software that runs in MS Excel Business analysts, researchers, students

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