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Statistical Software Survey
Table 9

Product Comments/New Features
AcaStat New features include an explore feature that produces key statistics and charts and a summary statistics module.
Analytic Solver Data Mining (XLMiner) Interactive charts & tables, heterogeneous ensembles, enhanced neural networks, PMML models, rescaling on-the-fly, much more
Autobox Simulated Forecasting - Resampling to generate a distribution of forecasts for better C.I., Elasticities option
Clarity Improved interface and additional nonparametric statistical procedures.
Convergent Cluster and Ensemble Analysis (CCEA)  
Crystal Ball Microsoft Office 2016 compatibility, simulate prediction paths in Predictor, revamped example models in Crystal Ball
GAUSS Mathematical & Statistical System Improved data Handling, graphics functionality, mathematical and statistical functionality, and HPCC support
JMP Query Builder, Virtual Joins, Dashboard Builder, Fit Definitive Screening, Text Explorer, Process Screening
JMP Pro See JMP. Plus: Formula Depot & scoring code, Generalized Regression, General Simulation functionality
Lighthouse Studio New choice simulator to turn models into demand estimates including awareness and availability, improved mobile support
Menu-Based Conjoint  
Optimal Scientist Software Package Determines optimal value of predictor variables and the resultant optimal regression equation; performs all-ways multiple reg
SigmaXL ANOM Charts, Multiple Comparisons (Post-Hoc), New Templates/Calculators, Chi-Square Tests and Descriptive Statistics
Stat::Fit Version 3 is faster with new graphics capabilities, more intuitive user interface and accepts up to 50,000 data points
Vanguard Business Analytics Suite  
XLMiner SDK High-level object-oriented SDK for C++, C# and Java as well as R and Python - new in 2016
XLSTAT Machine learning algorithms, new interface

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