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Vehicle Routing Software Survey
Table 16

Product Most Significant Installations What is the largest change in the industry over the last two years?
ClearD Optima Many big box retailers selling furniture appliances and mattresses E-commerce and drop shipping
Intelligent Routing   Companies are more open to use software as a service and cloud based technologies are not new to them.
JOpt Retail logistics solutions by integration of our optimization components into ERP SW suites. A major trend was the shift from inhouse installations to web based planning and SaaS solutions.
ODL Studio    
Optrak4   Movement towards cloud-based solutions.
Routist   Artificial Intelligence and new data assets let us deliver to our customers a new product experience where route planning is based on customer needs and the latest information available from drivers and vehicles.
Routyn Retailers, Maintenance and support services, Carriers Predictive traffic while planning, embedded real-time traffic usage at execution time, ability to optimize very large problem sizes, ability to use past data to infer new rules and constraints in the future, adoption of mobile technology by drivers, recipients.
Scientific Logistics Cloud-based Route Optimization Young's Market SaaS
StreetSync Pro Coca-Cola Enterprises, Ghirardelli Chocolate, Mosquito Squad, State of Michigan, City of San Francisco The industry trend continues to move to paperless, instant and fully synchronized and our products are built to tackle these aspects. Our mobile offerings have really been bolstered of course as smartphones and tablets have become standard equipment for workers in the field.

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