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Vehicle Routing Software Survey
Table 8

Product Mapping
Do you utilize real-time travel times from external sources (e.g., Google maps, Waze)? If yes, what is the source? Do you display crowd-sourced information to drivers? If yes, what type of information? Are map street views available?
ClearD Optima y Source come from mobile devices>     y
DISC y   y   y
Intelligent Routing y Android Users' Choice (e.g. Google) y Android Users' Choice (e.g. Waze) y
JOpt y Google Maps      
ODL Studio          
OptimoRoute         y
Optrak4         y
Routist         y
Routyn y TomTom, BasaarSoft, INRIX y Traffic, delivery times y
Scientific Logistics Cloud-based Route Optimization y various premium     y
StreetSync Pro y Via TomTom Telematics integration y Via TomTom Telematics integration y

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