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Vehicle Routing Software Survey
Table 12

Product Other special features 24 by 7 live customer service
ClearD Optima Cash logistics, Roll off containers, Automated Dispatch  
DISC Integrated multidepot and warehouse planning y
Intelligent Routing Self hosting available, Sharable ETA links with live updates, Compliance Reports  
JOpt software library to integrate optimization into a leading programme suite  
ODL Studio Built for Excel compatibility - all data saved in an Excel. Open source and free.  
OptimoRoute Pickup&Delivery, Multiple Time Windows, Workload Balancing, Live Tracking, Analytics  
Optrak4 Custom industry capabilities (3D loading, multi-compartment loading and flushing)  
Routist multiple time windows and capacities, pickup and delivery, multi-day routing y
Routyn Rules engine for the ad-hoc creation of constraints by the user y
Scientific Logistics Cloud-based Route Optimization   y
StreetSync Pro Very easy to learn and operate. Full TomTom Telematics and Android integrations.  

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