Seth Bonder Scholarship for Applied Operations Research in Health Services Application Process

Submission Deadline: June 30, 2019

INFORMS Health Applications Society (HAS) is seeking nominations/applications for the 2019 Bonder Scholarship for Applied Operations Research in Health Services. The purpose of the scholarship is to promote the development and application of process modeling and operations research analyses to health care design, delivery and operations by identifying young and promising researchers during their doctoral studies.

The scholarship offers a research fund of $4,000 and the opportunity to apply for an additional support of $1,000 to cover expenses that will be incurred during the winner’s travel to 2019 INFORMS Annual Conference. Starting with the year after the award is won, the winner also becomes eligible to apply for further research funds that are offered annually by the Seth Bonder Research Foundation exclusively to former Bonder Scholars. Bonder Scholars also find the privilege to speak and disseminate their research in designated “Bonder Scholars” sessions at INFORMS Annual Meetings.

Doctoral students building creative work with strong academic rigor and/or practical relevance at the crossroads of operations research/operations management and health care are all encouraged to apply. Applications are due by June 30, 2019. A complete application must consist of the following documents as PDF files:

1)       A detailed curriculum vitae of the applicant, which must include the applicant’s complete educational history with dates of enrollment in graduate studies (in months and years; e.g., September 2016).

2)       Two letters of support: One letter is expected to be from the applicant’s main academic advisor (or dissertation committee chair) and this letter must include a statement that the applicant has completed at least one academic year but no more than three academic years in any doctoral program. Letter writers should separately send their nominations/support letters to the email address provided below. Each applicant is responsible for ensuring that letters are sent by the application deadline: June 30, 2019.

3)       A one-page career goals statement describing why the candidate is interested in applying operations research/operations management to health care issues and problems.

4)       A three-page summary of applicant’s proposed program of research including all graphics and technical supplements (the three-page limit does not include the references to be cited therein). Applicants should pay particular attention to delineating the completed and projected contributions of their doctoral studies within this three-page document.

All application materials including support letters should be submitted to: [email protected]


Applicants will be notified with the results of the competition before September 2019.

The scholarship will be granted on the basis of excellence, innovation, candidate’s preparation to undertake the proposed program of research, and likelihood of success in his/her projected plan.

All further questions about the award should be addressed to the committee chair Elisa Long at the email address [email protected].