Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 1974


Team: Canadian National Energy Board
Paper: Management Science In Energy Policy - A Case History Success Story
Laureates: Joseph G. Debanné


Team: Bankers Trust Company
Paper: An Investment Decision Making System
Laureates: David M. Ahlers
Team: Getty Oil Company
Paper: A Tool for More Effective Financial Analysis
Laureates: Dale O. Cooper
L.B. Davidson
W.K. Denison 
Team: New York City Fire Department
Paper: Improving the Development of New York City Fire Companies
Laureates: Edward J. Ignall, The New York City-Rand Institute
Peter Kolesar, The New York City-Rand Institute
Arthur J. Swersey, The New York City-Rand Institute
Warren E. Walker, The New York City-Rand Institute
Edward H. Blum, The New York City-Rand Institute
Grace Carter, The New York City-Rand Institute
Homer Bishop, The New York City Fire Department 
Team: North-Atlantic Traffic System
Paper: Navigation Standards Over the North Atlantic
Laureates: Robert E. Machol, Northwestern University
Team: Philadelphia Federal Reserve District
Paper: Design and Implementation Of A New Check Clearing System For The Philadelphia Federal Reserve District
Laureates: Sidney W. Hess, University of Pennsylvania
Team: RCA Corporation
Paper: Analysis for A Satellite Communications System
Laureates: Avadhesh K (Raj) Nigam, RCA Corporation
Team: The Babcock & Wilcox Company
Paper: Facilities Expansion Model
Laureates: Wayne Drayer, The Babcock & Wilson Company
Steve Seabury, The Babcock & Wilson Company