Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 1975


Team: Xerox Corporation
Paper: Management Science's Impact of Service Strategy
Laureates: W. H. Bleuel


Team: Bethlehem Steel Corporation
Paper: A Simulation-Based Scheduling and Management Information System for a Machine Shop
Laureates: Suresh K. Jain, Bethlehem Steel Corporation
Team: Cleveland, Ohio Case Study
Paper: Analysis of Solid Waste Management Operations in Cleveland, Ohio: A Case Study
Laureates: Robert M. Clark
James I. Gillean
Team: Cogna System Corporation
Paper: A Model to Schedule Sales Optimally Blended from Scarce Resources
Laureates: James M. Reddy, Cogna Systems Corporation
Team: Deree-Pierce College
Paper: A Mathematical Programming System for Food Management Applications
Laureates: Joseph L. Balintfy, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Team: Kansas Geological Survey
Paper: An Application of MS/O.R. in Strip Mined Land Reclamation
Laureates: Douglas L. Beene, Kansas Geological Survey
Team: Liberty National Bank & Trust Co.
Paper: Management Reporting System: A New Marriage Between Management and Financial Data Through Management Science
Laureates: James W. Bruce, Jr.
Team: Trans Canada Pipe Lines - Great Lakes Gas Transmission
Paper: Management Science in Energy Policy: The Trans Canada-Great Lakes Transmission Case
Laureates: Joseph G. Debanné, University of Ottawa