Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 1977


Team: Syncrude
Paper: Simulation of Tar Sands Mining Operations
Laureates: F. Paul Wyman, Bechtel Incorporated


Team: AT&T
Paper: The Application of Management Science to the Design of Telephone Directories
Laureates: Stephen Chen, Bell Laboratories
Charles J. McCallum, Jr., Bell Laboratories  
Team: Farm Credit Banks
Paper: An Application of Management Science to Bank Borrowing Strategies
Laureates: Dwight B. Crane, Harvard Business School
Frederick Knoop, Business Systems Resources
William Pettigrew, Fiscal Agency of the Farm Credit Banks 
Team: Government of The Sudan & Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Level
Paper: The Sudan Transport Study
Laureates: Thomas L. Saaty, University of Pennsylvania
Team: The Hertz Corporation
Paper: The Pool Control System
Laureates: Martin Edelstein, The Hertz Corporation
Myron Melnyk, The Hertz Corporation 
Team: United Airlines
Paper: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Model Saleman's Planning System by Field Experimentation
Laureates: William K. Fudge, United Air Lines
Leonard M. Lodish, University of Pennsylvania and Management Decision Systems, Inc. 
Team: Xerox Corporation
Paper: New Product Planning Decisions Under Uncertainty
Laureates: Ronald G. Hudson, Xerox Corporation
John C. Chambers, Xerox Corporation
Robert G. Johnston, Xerox Corporation